Get the Most out of Your Social Media Presence

Mainsail Trim is excited to offer existing internal audit clients a complimentary review of your website and social media platforms. (If you are not a Mainsail Trim internal audit client, this review can be done for a nominal fee).

(Remote Review)

This is an add on service, separate from our ongoing internal audits.

We will review your website and all social media platforms for the following:

  • Branding: Are all social media accounts branded consistently, with the same logo, colors, and fonts?

  • Activity: Are all social media accounts active and up to date? Are posts being published on a regular basis?

  • Audience: Is the credit union targeting the right audience on each social media platform? Are posts relevant to the target audience's interests?

  • Content: Are you utilizing the trends unique to each social media platform? (Trending styles/sounds? Reels? Hash tags? Etc.)

  • Engagement: Are social media posts engaging and informative? Are followers interacting with the posts by liking, commenting, and sharing?

  • Monitoring: Is the credit union monitoring social media for mentions of its brand and products/services? This includes both positive and negative mentions.

  • Response: Is the credit union responding to social media comments and questions in a timely and professional manner?

  • Analytics: Does the credit union regularly (every 2 weeks) check the analytics on each social media platform?

A detailed report of suggestions will be sent to you within 48 hours of your request. You may choose to implement these suggestions internally or utilize Mainsail Trim’s Digital Marketing Department (this is a separate charge)

If you are interested in this service, please contact our Digital Marketing Department to get started.

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